April 7, 2024
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Barrio Salamanca in Madrid, the most valued and distinguished neighbourhood

History of Barrio Salamanca

The Barrio Salamanca owes its name to José de Salamanca y Mayol, Marquis of Salamanca, who conceived a new location to house the aristocratic and bourgeois classes of Madrid and promoted its construction, giving rise to the neighbourhood we know today.

It is made up of 6 neighbourhoods: Recoletos, Lista, Goya, Castellana, Guindalera and Fuente del Berro. It has a very orderly and regular urban system in the form of a checkerboard. This order makes it very easy to walk through its streets.

La Guindalera and Fuente del Berro escape from this urbanistic style, distinguishing themselves for being the place of residence of the workers who came to Madrid to build the Salamanca neighbourhood.

Barrio Salamanca, Madrid
Barrio Salamanca.

Nowadays, the Barrio Salamanca maintains its bourgeois and refined character of yesteryear and shares its residential character with other activities such as business, diplomacy and commerce.

Its aristocratic past can be felt in its streets, both in its architectural wealth and in its exclusive shops and restaurants. Especially in the famous 'Golden Mile', which is home to the most prestigious jewellery, fashion and decoration firms, and which has become one of Madrid's main commercial hubs.

Living in Barrio Salamanca

This central neighbourhood is one of the most sought-after in Madrid. The reasons for this are varied. We can affirm that it is one of the safest neighbourhoods in the capital, it has excellent communication with the rest of the city, it has very good infrastructures and services, and it enjoys a great architectural wealth.

The Retiro Park, Madrid's green lung, is one of its great attractions, as it is unusual to be able to enjoy such a large green area in the centre of Madrid.

Parque El Retiro, Barrio Salamanca, Madrid
El Retiro, Barrio Salamanca, Madrid

All of this means that property prices in the Salamanca district are the highest in Madrid and Recoletos in particular is one of the most expensive districts in Spain, reaching over €8,000 per square metre. However, this has not put a brake on the real estate market in this area, which continues to attract potential buyers, both Spanish and foreign, who want to invest or take up residence in this exclusive neighbourhood.

There is a wide range of properties for rent in the Barrio Salamanca, where you can find the most exclusive flats located in classic refurbished buildings that recall the aristocratic past of the neighbourhood and which, once inside, are surprisingly modern and luxurious.


What to see in the Barrio Salamanca?


One of the main attractions of the Barrio Salamanca is its exclusive shopping area, whose hallmark is elegance and luxury. Its famous 'Golden Mile' is home to the most prestigious fashion, haute couture, jewellery, shoe shops and exclusive boutiques.

Milla de Oro, Barrio Salamanca, Madrid
Milla de Oro, Barrio Salamanca, Madrid

Calle José Ortega y Gasset is its main thoroughfare and here you will find the most select designer shops that have triumphed on the national and international catwalks. The prestigious Calle Serrano also stands out, a favourite haute couture area where you will also find luxury jewellery and accessories shops. Strolling through the streets of the Golden Mile is to enter a world of luxury and design that leaves no one indifferent and attracts numerous visitors.

The ABC Serrano shopping centre is another of the reference points for commerce in the Salamanca district. In addition to various shops, it also houses the Museo del Espacio Dulce (Sweet Space Museum) with interactive tasting experiences.


Art and culture

It is not all shopping in the Salamanca neighbourhood, it is also the cradle of art and culture, and its streets are home to prestigious museums such as the National Archaeological Museum with a rich collection of pieces ranging from Prehistory to the Modern Age.  

Here you will also find the Lázaro Galdiano Museum or the Juan March Foundation where temporary exhibitions and chamber music concerts are organised, as well as famous art galleries.

Some of the most outstanding are the Kreisler Art Gallery, with more than 50 years of experience, or the Guillermo de Osma Gallery, with hundreds of exhibitions dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

Perta del Alcalá, Madrid
Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid

Another attraction of this aristocratic neighbourhood are its monuments, among which we can highlight the iconic Puerta de Alcalá, symbol of the city of Madrid, the monument to Christopher Columbus, or the Casa de América, the former Palacio de Linares, today converted into one of the main cultural centres of the city. We cannot forget the emblematic Plaza de Cibeles, which borders its illustrious neighbour, the Central District of Madrid.

In short, we can say that the Barrio Salamanca is one of the most attractive and valued districts of Madrid. Its complete cultural, commercial and leisure offer, the beauty of its classic buildings and the exclusivity that permeates its streets make it one of the most desired and sought after areas to live in Madrid.

Credit photos: Federico Jordá, El Mirador

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