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Temporary rental of luxury apartments and flats

We are specialists in the temporary rental of luxury apartments in Madrid. We have a comprehensive portfolio of furnished and equipped apartments, located in the most exclusive neighborhoods of Madrid. We have a team of excellent professionals focused on customer satisfaction.

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Welcome to your Tenant Portal

Welcome to your Tenant Portal
Manage your home in a simple way. This area is restricted to tenants. Then, enter the username and password that we have provided you.

Preguntas frecuentes

I am an owner - Will I need to obtain a license to rent my apartment in Madrid?

No, since our main business model is corporate rentals or also called seasonal or temporary rentals, which are regulated in article 3 of the Urban Leasing Act (LAU) and do not require a tourist license.

I am an owner - Is there a commitment to stay?

We work exclusively, but without permanence, except for the respect of rental reservations that are already committed.

I am an owner - Do you insure a guaranteed minimum income to the landlord?

Ensure a guaranteed minimum income in the temporary or long-term rental would mean offering a rental price below the market. Our business model is committed to offering the owner the maximum return potential of their home. We form a partner relationship with the owners to make your property profitable to the maximum. For this reason, we only charge our commission if the property is rented, always aligning our interests with those of the owners.

I am an owner – Can you help me with the process of investing in an apartment in Madrid to make it profitable if I live abroad?

As a real estate agency in Madrid, we can help and guide you through the entire process of investing in property in the capital:

  • Internal Real Estate Team: asset search, purchase negotiation advice, contract drafting, rental price assessment
  • Internal architecture and interior design team: drawing up plans, design of layout alternatives, renovation budget preparation, construction management, interior design project execution, styling for photo shoots
  • External advisory team: We have trusted professionals who can assist with tax consultations, immigration or financing advice, and the arrangement of mortgages, home insurance, or bank account openings.

I am an owner - Will my apartment need to be fully furnished and decorated to be able to rent it with the corporate rental model?

We offer fully furnished and equipped apartments, designed especially for people looking for a temporary rental in Madrid, for seasons of months or a few years. If your home is empty or partially furnished, our interior design department can assess its condition and make a proposal for an interior design project, although it would not need to be done with us. Contact our project team here.

I am a tenant - What happens if there is a breakdown in the apartment during my stay?

Our maintenance team will take care of solving any incident that may arise in the apartment. On the day of check-in, you will be assigned an Operations Coordinator who will be your contact throughout your stay and will help you resolve any maintenance issues that may arise.

I am a tenant - How can I book an apartment?

Our sales team will accompany you throughout the process and will indicate the necessary documentation. Until we receive payment of at least one monthly payment, the apartment is not considered booked.

I am a tenant - Are utilities included in the rental price?

Utilities are only included in the rental price for short stays, which are those between 1 and 4 months in duration.

I am a tenant - Is there a minimum or maximum duration for rentals?

The minimum stay is one month, as we do not offer tourist or daily rentals. As for the maximum stay, it depends on each property, but it is generally from 11 months to several years.

I am a tenant - What amenities and equipment do the apartments have?

All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped down to the last detail, and include a variety of kitchenware, large and small appliances, sheets and towels and wireless internet. Our goal is to provide maximum comfort to our tenants.