April 7, 2024
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I don't think that houses with terraces, gardens or patios have ever been as highly valued as they have been in the last month, during the confinement to which we have been forced as a result of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic.  

It is true that everyone likes open spaces and that it is one of the most common requests when looking for a property, whether to buy or to rent. But it is also true that it is difficult to find properties with open spaces in the centre of Madrid and that those that do have them tend to increase their price considerably.

However, at Ivory Homes we have many privileged properties in the centre of Madrid that offer terraces, balconies, patios or even gardens.

In these difficult times, being able to enjoy the fresh air, a few rays of sunshine, reading a book in a hammock on the terrace or having a family meal outside is the greatest treasure you can aspire to.

In addition, at Ivory Homes we offer rentals from one month, fully equipped flats for one to ten people and in these difficult times - aware of the difficult situation that many families are going through - we want to collaborate by offering special conditions during the spring and summer months.

Below we show you some of the properties available and we remain at your disposal for whatever you may need, hoping that the chain of solidarity that has been started will never stop. ‍

The Art of Homing ‍‍‍

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