April 7, 2024
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Real Estate

Learn about the advantages of selling your flat exclusively with a real estate agency‍

When an owner intends to sell their property, their main objective is to sell it as soon as possible and at the best possible price, and it is at this moment when they consider whether to sell it on their own or to use the services of a real estate agency.

Those owners who opt for the second option tend to contact several estate agents at the same time with the clear intention of obtaining greater visibility and thus speeding up the sale. However, the reality is quite different, as when several real estate agents are involved in the same sale process, it slows down and becomes even more complicated.

A priori, it may seem that signing a real estate exclusivity contract is a limitation for the seller, but the truth is that it also has many advantages that compensate for the commitment acquired. Do you want to know them? Read on and we will tell you about them.


What does an exclusive sales contract with a single estate agent entail?

An exclusive sales commission means that you grant a single real estate agency the right to market your property for a specific period of time, usually between 3 and 6 months. This means that only that estate agent will be able to publish the advert, arrange viewings, negotiate with buyers and advise you throughout the process. In exchange, the real estate agency commits to devote all its resources and efforts to sell your property in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

In addition, the real estate agency usually offers additional professional services such as a valuation of the property, a professional photographic report, a personalised marketing plan, legal and tax advice and, most importantly, access to a network of contacts of potential buyers and investors, which is very difficult for a private owner to access.

Advantages of selling your apartment with an exclusive real estate agency

1. Better economic conditions for the seller, as the commission fixed in exclusive sales is lower than when there are several real estate agencies involved in the sale.

2. It allows the real estate agency to make a greater investment in professional tools and resources such as better photographic reports, home staging interventions, specific marketing campaigns, positioning on real estate portals, etc., as, by not competing with other real estate agencies, the agency ensures that it will recover the investment once the sale is closed.

3. It avoids the impression of "burnt property" that appears when several adverts are seen in parallel.

4. It allows collaboration with all types of agencies with security, as it prevents many of the problems that can arise in the process between agencies as there is a clear framework for collaboration and dialogue with the property.

5. It allows optimal management of the sale times, ensuring that the property is put on the market at the best time and after preparing the property to make the most of its potential, thus taking advantage of the initial interest caused by the publication of a new property to close a transaction with the best possible sales conditions.

 6. Avoid perverse incentives that arise in non-exclusive sales, such as:

 ·      Going on the market too quickly, losing the opportunity to generate a good first impression.

·      Protecting the identity of the flat and the owner, even if it harms the sale: not publishing revealing photos, opacity withthe exact address, putting obstacles in the way of visits, etc.

·      Devote little attention to each flat in the portfolio, prioritising volume over quality.

7. Greater control by the seller: by having a single interlocutor, it is much easier and quicker to monitor the sales process, get feedback from customers and be informed at all times.

In short, selling a property is not an easy task and requires time, dedication and an exhaustive knowledge of the market, which is why it is highly recommended to have the services of a real estate agency that exclusively manages the sale and focuses all its efforts on the success of the operation, obtaining the best results in the shortest possible time and without complications.

At Ivory Homes we have more than 16 years of experience in the luxury real estate sector. If you would like us to accompany you and advise you on the sale of your property, do not hesitate to contact us.‍

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